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Reed and Barton Store

On Factory Brand New Orders of Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Flatware of $125 or greater we offer free shipping on your entire order. We carry all the Reed & Barton Company Sterling Patterns both like new pre-owned estate and brand new settings and pieces. We also buy or trade in your old unwanted items.

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Locate your sterling pattern

Francis 1 our most popular sterling pattern
Francis Coffee Pot
Francis 1 by Reed and Barton Sterling Holloware
Francis 1 Silver Brochure from year 1948

Ornaments by Reed & Barton Silver and Plated

Burgundy Sterling Flatware

Pointed Antique Sterling Silver Flatware
Reed and Barton Sweet Dreams-Collection

18th Century Sterling
Spanish Baroque Close Out.jpg
Spanish Baroque Sterling Flatware

English Chippendale Reed & Barton Silver

French Renaissance Sterling

Tea Sets by Reed & Barton
ID your Reed & Barton Sterling
Thornhill Stainless Thumbnail.gif
Thornhill Close Out Stainless by Reed & Barton
1800 Fine Stainless Steel Flatware by Reed and Barton
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Reed and Barton Stainless Flatware Store

Country French Stainless Reed and Barton
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Locate Reed and Barton Stainless Patterns
Sea Shell fine stainless steel flatware by Reed & Barton
Burgundy Collection Silver Plated Holloware by Reed and Barton

Picture Frames by Reed & Barton
Reed and Barton Silver Plated Holloware

Locate Reed and Barton Plated Patterns
Reed and Barton Jungle Parade collection
Reed and Barton Gingham Bunny Collection
Reed and Barton Farmyard Collection
Reed and Barton Gingham Bear Collection
Reed and Barton Baby Beads Pewter Collection
Reed and Barton Thumbnail
Reed and Barton Baby Flatware

Tara Sterling Reed and Barton

Silver Sculpture Sterling Silver

Savannah by Reed and Barton

Florentine Lace by Reed and Barton

Love Disarmed Sterling Silver

El Greco Sterling Reed and Barton

Grande Renaissance Reed Barton Sterling

Classic Rose Reed and Barton Sterling

Hampton Court by Reed & Barton

Silver Wheat Sterling Reed and Barton

Marlborough Sterling

Georgian Rose Sterling

Woodwind Sterling Silverware

English Provincial Reed and Barton Silver
Set Specials.jpg
Sterling Set Specials

Richmond Crystal Reed and Barton
Soho Crystal by Reed and Barton
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Crystal Store at Reed & Barton
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Locate Reed and Barton Crystal Patterns
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Bridal Registry at Silver Queen
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We buy Reed and Barton
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Frequently asked questions about Sterling Silver
A Complete List of in stock inventory
A complete list of our Reed and Barton in stock items
Reed and Barton Let s Celebrate Baby Collection
Reed and Barton Quilted Rabbit Baby Collection

Francis 1 Silverware Information & History

18th Century Silverware Information and History

Tara Sterling Information Web Brochure

Burgundy History and Description Sterling Flatware
Spanish Baroque Close Out.jpg
Spanish Baroque Silverware Information and History

El Greco Sterling Reed Barton Information Page

English Chippendale Reed & Barton Information

Savannah Sterling Silver Web Brochure

Love Disarmed Silver Information Web brochure

Marlborough Silver Information Web Page

French Renaissance Silver Information Page

Classic Rose Reed and Barton Information Page

Pointed Antique Sterling Silver Flatware

Silver Sculpture Sterling Information Page

Florentine Lace Silver History and Information
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