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What is preowned silverware? - Preowned or estate silverware is silverware that has been purchased from estates, individuals wishing to sell their silverware and sometimes from a jewelry store that has gone out of business.

If the silver piece is not damaged and has not been initialed, we have it polished to look like new.
It will come to you individually wrapped in a fresh plastic bag.

If the silver that we purchase is damaged or initialed, we sell it a refinery.

Sterling Silverware is a form of what is called "Hard Money".  Many people do not want to keep all their money in banks and the stock market.  They prefer to have some invested in something tangible.  Although you will never get the same profit from  your sterling flatware or hollow ware as you would from investment silver, you will always be able to receive the intrinsic value of the piece value minus the costs of refining it.  Since sterling is .925 silver, you can usually get at least .75 of the silver metal price.  You must remember that the use of your silver over the years is part of your profit.  When you buy a new tablecloth, it is very rarely that you can resell it .

But you may also receive more than the intrinsic value if your pattern is one that is resalable.  Many people are adding to discontinued sets & are looking for your patterns.  We specialize in discontinued patterns along with patterns that are still active.

If you are interested in selling to us, please click this link for more information.

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